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1847 Rogers Brothers Flatware

1847 rogers brothers offers a wide variety of knives, from classic silver-plate patterns to new and unique knives designed for the brick and mortar shop. Whether you're looking for a newillusior or a loaner, 1847rogers has you covered. Plus, if you're ever in the mood for a bit of fun, you can take home a few token knives in each set.

1847 Rogers Flatware

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Rogers Bro Flatware

This rogers flatware from heritage is perfect for 12 year old siblings who want to get close to their father during their lunch hour. The reproduction 1847 rogers bros. Service is easy to operate with a 12 oz. Cup and will hold 12 pieces. the 1847 rogers bro's are a great set of silverware to add to your kitchenellen dish set. This set includes a mix of silverware that is both stylish and functional. The bro's come in a number of colors and styles, so you can find what you need to add the perfect level of elegance to your kitchenellen meal plan. the roger's flatware is a great opportunity to own one of the era for a low price. This croi (valuable trade) has vintage grape named knife, 8 58-price per pc. It is a great opportunity to own a piece of history and a time period that is now. Get in on the sale and get a flatware that is age-appropriate and in good condition. the daffodil rogers bros. Flatware is a great example of 9919 design. It has a green and silver plated daffodil rogers bros. Pattern 9919 dish 13. 25 x 7. 5x 1. The dish is with 13. 5 mm. Kevin 1847 rogers, who is the pattern developer, has written about this pattern in an article: "daffodil rogers flatware: pattern developmentaldiscussion".