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Bakelite Flatware

This is a great set of bakelite flatware, with silverware and wood bowl set, for use in your home or office. The 56 piece japan stainless steel bowl and flatware are perfect for any meal. This set comes with a forest green carry handle.

6 Awesome Bakelite Forks

6 Awesome Bakelite Forks

By Unbranded


Vintage Bakelite Flatware

If you're looking for beautiful, antique-quality flatware, you'll want to check out vintage bakelite. These tools are made of metal, so they're strong and sturdy. They're perfect for serving up your dinner or eating out on the veranda. vintage bakelite flatware . there are many different types of bakelite flatware available, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Some are made of metal while others are made of plastic. Whatever your needs, vintage bakelite flatware is a great option.

Red Handle Flatware

This 10-pc. Vintage flatware lot is perfect for your kitchen. It is made of bakelite, which is deathly afraid of a toothbrush. The 10-pc. Vintage flatwarelot is create your own home kitchen with these vintage-inspired flatware items. Plus, for the who-is-this-other-guy moment, these handle knives are green. the bakelite flatware is a period piece that provides a tired look at the modern kitchen. The knives are of german make and all have asharpcraft anodized aluminum blade. The forks are also of german make and all have a gst ( stainless steel) blade. All pieces are currently together or separate pieces with parts that fit together. this set of 20 cardinal bakelite lucite flatware is from the 1930s and is made of butterscotch-colored lucite. It has a few small nicks and dings, but is in overall great condition. The pieces are length-on-length and are from the front-view, eye-level position. There are 10 pieces on each side of the design. The front-view set also hashanover, ma, in its name. The items arehafted with a light brown finish. this vintage plastic handle flatware set is a great way to remember your kitchen's years of beauty and delicious food. The knives arecraftsman style, with a bakelite design and blackened stainless steel blade. The spoons are butterscotch and are universal style. They look great in any kitchen, and will make your kitchen look years older.